Hilux Pickup

A Single Cabin Hilux pickup can be converted into an economical, yet very practical, Ambulance. The rear cargo deck is fitted with our ‘marks’ brand fiberglass canopy and the interior fabrication includes imported auto-loader stretcher, oxygen system, cabinets, side shelves, utility panels, and air conditioning.

Hilux ambulance is an economical alternative to Hiace Ambulance. It is a good choice for rugged and hilly terrains.

Our fiberglass & CNC mould-making unit, being the largest in Pakistan, produces highly finished moulds, used for production of interior and exterior parts of our ambulances. All these parts are further painted in Italian baking paint booth to give a high gloss finish and unrivalled quality. Hilux ambulance fabrication can be of different types including Advanced Life Support (ALS) Ambulance, Basic Life Support (BLS) Ambulance, Standard Life Support (ALS) Ambulance, Cardiac Ambulance, Rescue Ambulance, dead body carrier, etc

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