Exterior View
Interior View
Oxygen Panel
Double Stretchers

Hiace Van (Std. Roof)

Razmak Industries ‘marks’ specializes in high quality fabrication and conversion of Ambulances. The most commonly used vehicle for ambulance fabrication is a Standard Roof Toyota Hiace, owing to its low cost and high durability. Our ambulances are equipped with latest and ‘top of the range’ quality equipment, mostly from Europe and Japan. Our imported stretchers are made from Industrial Grade Aluminum alloys with a load bearing capacity of over 240 Kg., whereas our Oxygen therapy flow meters and pressure regulators are from Shin-Ei Corporation Japan.

Our fiberglass & CNC mould-making unit, being the largest in Pakistan, produces highly finished moulds, used for production of interior and exterior parts of our ambulances. All these parts are further painted in Italian baking paint booth to give a high gloss finish and unrivalled quality.

We fabricate all versions of ambulances including Advanced Life Support (ALS) Ambulance, Basic Life Support (BLS) Ambulance, Standard Life Support (ALS) Ambulance, Cardiac Ambulance, Rescue Ambulance, dead body carrier, etc.

We have supplied a very large number of ambulances over the past two decades to public, private, and defence sectors.

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