Lawn Umbrella 1
Front Projection
Waiting Area Shed
Shed 4
Cantilever Design
Shed 6
Shed 7
Dome Inner View

Fiber Sheds

Razmak Industries ‘marks’ is one of Pakistan’s largest and most modern fiberglass industry. Our 2 decades of experience in this field has gained us satisfied clients from all over the country including public sector organizations and private individuals. Our fiber sheds are designed according to customer needs and budget. We use internationally acclaimed Descon Chemical Resins and TGI Matts in our fiber sheds, due to which our fiber sheet costs little more but has a very long life and strength. Our fiber sheets are molded into various textures including wooden texture and liner designs. We have undertaken large projects like Sports stadiums, CM house, Supreme court and High Court parking Sheds, Large hospitals, Defense areas, etc.

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