Company Profile

Razmak Industries, an ISO-9001, OHSAS-18001 & ISO-14001 Certified company, was established in early 90’s for manufacturing of quality fiberglass products. Under the management of Mr. Jamshaid Mehsud, Razmak Industries has made giant strides towards development and success in fiber products, pick-up canopies, pickup conversions, and ambulance fabrications.

Quality Concept

Marks products are manufactured on the concept of Total Quality Management (TQM) and A+ Quality Production. Only those products are marketed under the Marks brand which strictly adhere to highest standards of quality.

Ranking in Major Marketing Share

Marks canopies & conversions are ranked 3rd in South Asia and 1st in Pakistan. For this reason we enjoy 90% market share throughout Pakistan, which is evident from the fact that marks products are seen nationwide.

Pioneer of Fiber Products

Marks is pioneer in introducing new concepts of Fiber products due to its extensive Research & Development (R&D). Our objective is to earn Goodwill instead of Profits.

Foreign Exchange Earning

Marks is contributing to earn Foreign Exchange by Exports to neighboring countries. Likewise it is saving Foreign Exchange by manufacturing products of international standards, which hinders import as a result.


The number of marks reputed national & international clients runs in thousands. Our major clients are: Pakistan Army, Navy, PAF, Motorway Police, FWO, NADRA, Foreign Embassies, WAPDA, PIA, PSO, CDA, Shifa Hospital, Punjab Police, Cantonment Boards, Forest Departments, Wildlife, Universities, Colleges, NGO’s, UN UNDP, LESCO, PESCO, IESCO, and many others.


Pick-Up Canopies, Pick-Up Conversions, Mobile Health Units, Refrigerated Vaccine Carrier Canopies, Ambulance Fabrications, Fiberglass Sheds, Chairs, Benches, Dustbins, Flowerpots, Car Parking Sheds, Garden Umbrellas, Hospital Benches & Chairs, Bath Tubs.

Hitech Production Facilities

Marks is the only manufacturer in Pakistan of above products with latest Hitech production facilities. It has the following Plants & Machineries;

    • Latest Dust Free Italian Auto Baking Paint Plant.
    • High Precision CNC Machining Centers/(Bridge port UK).
    • Material Testing Laboratory.
    • Electroplating Chemical Plant.
    • Heavy Duty hydraulic Presses.
    • Hi-tech Spark Erosion Plant.
    • Metal Surface Grinder Plant.
    • Phosphating & Cadmium Treatment Plant for making iron Rust Free.
    • Chromium Plant for ABS and Metal.
    • Metal Shaper Machine.
    • Auto Metal Saw (Turkey-USA).
    • Heavy Duty PVC Injection Mould Plant (Japan).
    • High Temperature Powder Coating Plant.
    • Metal Die and Mould Making Shop.
    • Mechanical Lath Machines.
    • Spark Erosion Plant for High Finishing & Mould Making.
    • Automatic Vertical milling machine.
    • Computerized Machining Center (KIWA JAPAN).
    • CO2 Welding Plant.
    • Italian Electric Lift
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